Vintage Born In 1967 Aged Perfectly Funny Skitongift Soya Wax Candless
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Vintage Born In 1967 Aged Perfectly Funny Skitongift Soya Wax Candless

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Do you want to add some atmosphere to your home? Invest in some candles. A small candle can go a long way to making your home smell fresh and feel cozy, but not all candles are created equal. Some candles can even leave you with terrible headaches, which is why soy wax candles tend to be the best choice for your home. Unlike candles made with paraffin wax, soy wax candles are durable and clean burning, and the best soy candles will make your space smell divine without overwhelming your senses. The best part: You can get a beautiful soy wax candle for less than $50.

Soy wax is a hydrogenated form of soybean oil, so soy wax is not only completely natural, but also sustainable. And while beeswax and coconut candles are also great alternatives, soy wax candles tend to be a bit more affordable than other vegan candles, making them a better option for your wallet, especially if you're on the go! looking for Christmas gifts! Whether you like seasonal candles, subtle candles, or fancy candles, these are the best soy candles to buy right now.

- PERFECT GIFT - If you love this quote candle, share the love and give the perfect gift to mom, sister, co-worker, friend and everyone in between. If you need a Mother's Day gift, a birthday present, or even a housewarming gift, look no further.

- STYLISH: Our soy candles are not only functional, but also stylish! They can be combined with any style of home decoration, from rustic to modern and farmhouse. They are the perfect home accessory that happen to be some of the best smelling scented candles!

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- CANDLE INFO: 9oz Clear Candle Jar with Airtight Black Metal Lid | Jar Size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5" | 204g net weight | 40+ hour burn time I Clean burning, vanilla scented I Made in USA.